Long Haired French Bulldog

Long Haired French Bulldogs: Ultimate Guide For Buying

Long Haired French Bulldogs: Ultimate Guide For Buying

Do you feel a tugging in your heart when you see long-haired French Bulldogs? Do their twinkling eyes and endearing faces draw you towards them? Then, perhaps it’s time to consider bringing one of these little pups into your life. In this guide we will explore the joys and responsibilities that come with owning a long-haired French Bulldog so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not this breed is right for you.

If you’re searching for companionship, look no further: Long haired French Bulldogs are loyal friends who love nothing more than spending quality time with their owners. Their sweet disposition and eagerness to please make them the perfect pet for someone looking for unconditional love. Plus, they possess an abundance of charm – making them irresistible to everyone around them!

These precious pooches require special care as well; regular grooming and daily exercise are necessary to keep them healthy and happy. This guide will walk you through everything from selecting the right pup, providing proper nutrition, health concerns and much more – helping put your mind at ease before welcoming your new furry friend home. So let’s get started on our journey together!

History Of Long-Haired French Bulldogs

The long-haired French Bulldog is a breed of exceptional beauty and grace, whose legacy stretches back to the days of ancient France. A living embodiment of strength, loyalty, wisdom and love, they have been beloved by both royalty and commoners alike for centuries.

These loyal companions are thought to be descended from English Bulldogs that were brought over in the 19th century. Breeders began selectively breeding them with their smaller counterparts so as to create an entirely new species – one that encompassed all the qualities of its predecessors but stood out due to its unique coat and beautiful appearance. This deliberate endeavor eventually resulted in what we now know as the Long-Haired French Bulldog; a creature renowned for its intelligence, devotion and gentle soul.

Today’s Long Haired Frenchies come in many different colors, shapes and sizes – although some may argue that it was thanks to careful breeding that fluffy coats became so prominent amongst the breed! The process of how these dogs came into still remains somewhat mysterious however; exactly how did breeders achieve such a luxuriously soft-coated companion? Let’s take a closer look…

Who Is A Long-Haired French Bulldog?

Time and time again we are asked who is a Long-Haired French Bulldog. We can answer this question with ease. A long haired french bulldog, also known as a longhair frenchie or long hair english bulldog, is simply an adorable breed of dog with longer than usual fur. The coat of the long-haired French Bulldog typically appears wavy and soft but may be straight in some cases. This breed has become increasingly popular due to its affectionate nature and playful attitude.

The price range for these dogs varies depending on their breeder, size, color and other factors such as location and age. Generally speaking, however, a fully grown long haired french bulldog will cost around $2000-$2500 USD. While this may seem like a lot at first glance, it’s important to remember that quality breeds come with additional costs associated with health care, nutrition, grooming and more. With proper care and attention from you through – your furry companion could easily become part of the family forever!

Long-Haired French Bulldog Temperament

Long haired French bulldogs are known for their gentle and even-tempered nature. They make wonderful family dogs, as they love to be around people and prefer not to be left alone. Generally speaking, these long-haired pooches have a mild disposition overall but can still show signs of aggressiveness if provoked or threatened. However, when treated with kindness and respect, the longhaired Frenchies become loyal companions that will stick by your side through thick and thin.

These four-legged friends also possess an independent streak that makes them difficult to train at times; however, this is offset by their intelligence and eagerness to please owners. Long haired frenchies require plenty of mental stimulation in order to keep entertained, such as interactive toys like puzzles or treat dispensers. Above all else though, these hounds need lots of affection from their human families in order to thrive emotionally! With proper care and attention, long haired French bulldogs can develop into loving members of your family who bring joy into everyone’s lives – no matter what breed of pup you choose.

How Much Does A Long-Haired French Bulldog Cost?

Like a beautiful butterfly emerging from its cocoon, the soft and fluffy long haired French bulldog can transform any home. With their sweet faces, distinctive bat ears and lovable personalities, these dogs have become popular companions for people around the world. But how much does a long haired French bulldog cost?

The price of purchasing a long-haired French Bulldog may vary depending on several factors including breeders’ experience level, coat type, pedigree and more. The average cost of an AKC registered puppy with limited registration ranges between $2,500-$4,000 USD. However, some puppies can be priced higher at over $5,000 US due to higher quality breeding lines or desirable characteristics such as rare colors or heavy coats.

When looking for your perfect pup it’s important to research reputable breeders who health test and provide clear documentation about the parents of the litter. Many also offer financing options so you don’t have to break the bank all in one go! Additionally there are many rescues that specialize in this particular breed that can always use donations if you’re not ready to commit to lifetime commitment just yet. Whether you decide to adopt or shop remember: your furry friend will bring unconditional love into your life no matter what their price tag is.


It seems that life is nothing but a path of surprises. We never know what will come next, and it’s often in the most unexpected moments that we find something truly special. Long haired French Bulldogs are one of these treasures that many don’t even realize exist! They have been around for centuries, yet remain relatively unknown to many people.

I feel so lucky to have stumbled across this majestic breed with its wonderfully unique traits – their calm demeanor combined with an intelligent nature make them perfect companions. Yet despite all of this, they still remain underestimated and undervalued by society at large. It’s time to change this perception and appreciate long haired French Bulldogs for who they really are: loyal friends who can bring joy into our lives like no other pet ever could!

Let us not forget the importance of showing love and appreciation towards those special things in life – be it animals or anything else. The joy and happiness that these little creatures can bring us should not go unnoticed. With their magical charms and delightful personalities, let us welcome more long-haired French Bulldogs into our homes today!

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