How to Train Your Dog to Play Dead

How to Train Your Dog to Play Dead

A good dog trick is to pretend to be dead. Even though it’s not as crucial as teaching your dog to comply with orders like “sit” and “stay,” it may nonetheless be an enjoyable pastime for both the dog and the spectators. Playing dead should be simple if you are certain that your dog understands the “lying down” command.

To begin teaching your dog to pretend dead, all you need are a few delectable treats. This is a terrific trick to teach using the clicker training method, so make sure your clicker is close at hand.

First, teach your dog to lie down.

A dog must first learn to lie down on command before being taught how to pretend dead.

Show your dog how to lie down if they don’t already know! This is how it progresses:

  • Bend head down
  • Stretch to touch belly to ground
  • Repeat

1. With your hand facing down and your dog in a sit, place a reward between your fingers. Straighten your hand out and place it in front of their nose.

Use a clicker or a marker word (“Yes!” works nicely) to indicate when your dog leans down, then praise them. Five times, please.

2. Next, request that your dog sit. Lower your hand straight down from their nose, holding a reward in your fingers, then bring it back towards yourself with your palm facing down.

Mark and treat them when their tummy is on the ground. Five times, please.

3. Re-do Step 2 but this time without holding a reward. When your dog’s tummy touches the ground, signal it with a treat and repeat the exercise at least five times.

4. Include a verbal cue now. Lower your palm’s empty palm to the floor after saying the word “down.” Reward Mark, then do it again.

5. To finish, slowly remove your hand signal. When your dog is sitting, command “down.” Give them a few seconds to consider it. If they comply and lie down, note it and give them a reward!

Instead of repeating your verbal cue if they still don’t understand, use a hand signal. Mark and treat them when their tummy is on the ground.

Steps to teach your dog to play dead

Set your dog on the ground and get down next to him.

Holding a treat or target stick by his nose, move it behind him and around him until he is lying on his back or side. Then reward, after clicking or saying “yes.”

To assist him succeed, be sure to entice him to the side he’s already leaning toward.

Then, let him remain there for a full second before marking it with “yes” or a click and rewarding him. Have him hold for two seconds after that. three, then four, and so forth.

Perform the same movement WITHOUT the treat in your hand after 5–10 successful tries. Nevertheless, thereafter, offer him a prize!

Start attempting to rise up once he is remaining there until you release him with a “yes” or a click. each time moving one inch farther away from him.

When you’re standing, say “bang” (or “play dead” or “sleep”) just before you click or say “yes.”

Try having your dog perform it while standing if they do it often (instead of putting him down first). Give him some time to consider it. Help him out by enticing him into position if he doesn’t get it after 10 seconds.

Start sometimes rewarding, giving them jackpots (which are just more goodies than normal) for the better efforts.

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