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How To Get Your Dog To Pee When Traveling

How To Get Your Dog To Pee When Traveling

Traveling with a dog may be enjoyable, thrilling, and memorable, but it can also present some challenges if the dog’s notion of proper potty behavior is to find the closest patch of familiar-smelling grass. Since I’ve been taking my dogs on trips for more than 20 years, there is one thing I can say with certainty: start exposing your dog to different surfaces from a young age.

What should a traveler do if there are no bathrooms available where they are staying? Your dog will be able to handle the pit stops of life’s highways and byways with ease if you follow these tried-and-true travel advice.

Use portable potty systems

Dog toilets that are self-draining and environmentally friendly are now available. This product serves a function for high-rise and upper-floor clients, as well as canine tourists, by giving dogs the flexibility to relieve themselves without having to worry about carpet stains.

Being prepared is one of the main factors

Piddle/training pads should always be included in travel luggage because accidents are unavoidable. Baby wipes, a go-to stain remover, an environmentally friendly solution that uses enzymatic odor removal, and an abundance of paper towels to blot are all useful additions.

Keep in mind that when we clean up after our pets, hotels and bed and breakfasts appreciate it. When individuals behave well, their dogs are welcomed back and pet regulations are upheld.

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